Our new products have already come to market

Time : 2020-04-18  Author : DZ  Read : 3093

Our new product rotary types multipe abrasive belt grinding system with robotic


1.Faucets and bathroom accessories:

Grinding, polishing, mirror finishing and satin finishing of any kind of faucet and bathroom accessory of any size and shape –including minimalist designs–made of zamak, aluminum, stainless steel.

2.Handles and accessories:

Grinding, polishing, mirror finishing and satin finishing of doorknobs, handles and other similar parts for doors and furniture made of brass, zamak or stainless steel.


Grinding/grinding, buffing, polishing, and satin finishing of automotive-related objects: rims/wheels, profiles, handles, knobs, luggage racks, exhaust pipes. Materials: zamak, aluminum, stainless steel.


1. FUNAC robotic M-20Ia/35M

2. Program modular, programming easiness with self-learning system.

3. Programming method:demonstrator programming ,with protable handed device, contains manually mode to simulate the workmanship grinding and record the track; automatically operating model is available with pre-settled parameters program.

4. Full digital control, the program can be saved and called at any time.

5. Roatry sand belt machine and multi - grade sandpaper grinding process can be completed at one time.

6. High precision, high efficiency.